A Look Ahead: The ISRE 2024 Conference in Belfast

17.-20. July, 2024, ISRE 2024 marks also my end as President Emeritus

Arvid Kappas

7/9/20243 min read

Photo of the first ISRE conference in 1985

Overview of ISRE 2024

The International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE) is set to host its 2024 conference from July 17th to 20th in the vibrant city of Belfast. This biennial event serves as a crucial platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners from across the globe to converge and share their latest insights into affective processes. The interdisciplinary nature of ISRE is one of its most defining features, as it seamlessly integrates perspectives from a variety of fields, including psychology, neuroscience, sociology, philosophy, computer science, and beyond.

The ISRE 2024 conference promises to be a melting pot of ideas and innovations, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge that transcends traditional academic boundaries. The event will be held on the main campus of Queen's University. This iconic location not only provides a conducive environment for intellectual discourse but also allows attendees to experience Belfast's rich cultural heritage and modern charm.

Keynote speeches will be delivered by Phoebe Ellsworth, Terry Maroney, and Yuri Miyamoto. Sessions will include discussions on the neurobiological underpinnings of emotions, the sociocultural factors influencing affective experiences, expressive behavior, the latest advancements in emotion regulation strategies, and other areas in the shape of symposia, paper sessions, flash talks, and poster sessions. In addition to the main sessions, the conference will also feature a series of pre-conferences. If you are interested, here is the conference site with information about the program. It has been a great privilege being the program chair, together with Yasemin Erbaş. The incredible work of the local organizers, particularly Gary McKeown and Magdalena Rychlowska promise an excellent, entertaining, and informative conference.

ISRE's Impact on Affective Research

The International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE) has been pivotal in shaping affective research since its inception in 1984. Dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of human emotions, ISRE's mission encompasses promoting the exchange of scientific information, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, and supporting emerging scholars in the field. Over the years, ISRE's biennial conferences have become crucial platforms for advancing knowledge and shaping the discourse around emotional processes. The Society's journal, Emotion Review, is the field's premier outlet for excellent research.

Reflections on My Tenure as President Emeritus

Since I was elected President of ISRE in 2013 at the Berkeley meeting, the society's journey has been marked by a series of transformative experiences and significant milestones. The president's role came with its share of challenges, from navigating the complexities of academic leadership to ensuring the society's responsiveness to the evolving needs of our members. However, these challenges also presented opportunities for growth and innovation, personally and professionally. Since 2018, Ursula Hess has taken over as president, and according to the bylaws of the society, I have taken over the role of president emeritus.

During this time, we expanded our outreach and engagement efforts. By leveraging digital platforms and social media, we were able to extend our reach, engaging with a broader audience and fostering a more inclusive community. This digital transformation was crucial in maintaining the society's relevance in an increasingly connected world. Reflecting on these years, I am particularly proud of our progress in supporting early-career researchers. Through travel grants, awards, and dedicated sessions at our conferences, we provided young scholars with the resources and opportunities to thrive. Witnessing their growth and contributions has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time as President and President Emeritus.

There is a bittersweet sentiment as I prepare for the upcoming ISRE 2024 conference in Belfast. This event marks the end of an era for me, a poignant reminder of the passage of time. When a new president is elected, Ursula Hess will move to the President Emeritus position, and I will end my contribution to the board of ISRE that started in 2013. Nevertheless, it is also a celebration of the enduring connections and professional growth fostered through my involvement with ISRE. The friendships made, the knowledge shared, and the collective achievements of our society stand as a testament to the power of collaborative endeavor.