An update on the Affectivism preconference at the 2022 conference of the International Society for Research on Emotion in Los Angeles at USC

8/1/20221 min read

One of the highpoints of the ISRE2022 conference in Los Angeles was the preconference on Affectivism. The one-day event was related to the recent article in Nature Human Behavior The Rise of Affectivism.

Basically, the idea is that in the last decades affective processes, such as emotions or moods, have become an important aspect of explaining human behavior. However, unlike behaviorism, or cognitivism, the idea of affectivism is that emotions are part of the puzzle. Emotions, motivation, cognition typically interact and have to be seen together with behavior, rather than one construct explaining everything. In this sense the idea is inclusive and constructive. However, rather than tryin g to describe what the paper says, I would invite you to read it and take it from there. There is also a web-site that goes with it. Check it out.